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The Middlesex Coal Board (MCB) is London’s mythic coal authority, bringing affordable energy to the M25 and beyond.

Some say there isn’t any coal in Middlesex. Well, they would say that wouldn’t they; and so do we, now. We just didn’t know that then. Where do you think all the underground train tunnels came from? That’s right, it was us, looking for the coal.

The Middlesex Coal Board was established by the National Coal Board (NCB) to run the nationalised coal mining industry in Middlesex.


The MCB was set up under the Coal Industry Nationalisation Act 1946 and took over the mines of Middlesex on 1 January 1947. This is often referred to as “vesting day”.

In 1987 the NCB was renamed the British Coal Corporation and its assets were privatised by a government that knew the price of everything and the value of nowt.

The MCB continues to struggle on and it is proud to support rapper sword dance in London and the South East, and to be associated with both Thrales and Tower Ravens.

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