Frequently asked questions

Why do you wear trousers, I thought proper rapper teams wore hoggers?

You thought wrong. Check out the trouser-wearing Swalwell, Winlaton and Beadnell, and they’re all “proper” teams from Northumberland.

Why are you all so serious?

It’s a look...

Is there an official Thrales theme song?

Of course! It’s called “Andy Williams wants a wee-wee”.

Who is Hester Thrale?

Hester Thrale is our adopted patron. She had smarts, wrote stuff and saved an ailing brewery. She was much more than just “a companion to Dr. Johnson”, so ignore English Heritage.

What is Commit No Nuisance?

It’s Victorian for ‘don’t piss here’.

I love rapper pub tours, when are they and can I come?

We crawl on the second Friday of the month, except when we don't... In November we crawl on the Saturday of Thrales Weekend and we usually take a break in August, cos even we need a holiday. We love company, so feel free to tag along. Bring your friends. Check out our Diary for details.

Where do you practice?

After many happy years at the Welsh congregational chapel, we have made a new home in Clerkenwell at The Peel Institute, Northampton Road, EC1R OHU. Nearest tube is Angel. We meet 8-10pm on Monday nights throughout the year (except for bank holidays). Email us if you need more details.

When is Thrales Weekend? Can I come?

Our annual birthday extravaganza is held on the second weekend of November. We’d love you to be there. Contact us for details.

Those aren’t swords, why do you call it sword dancing?

A rose by any other name would still have thorns.

Is it true you’ve bought part of the island of Sark and call it Hestershire?

Not yet, but we’re saving up our pennies.

Do you have a flag?

Yup. It reminds us where we parked the tents.

What is the Middlesex Coal Board?

It’s a coal board in Middlesex. They're our sponsors. This is their website. But there isn't any coal in Middlesex...? Ah, but there might have been.

You guys should have some sort of Thrales app.

That’s not even a question.

If I email you, will I get different answers to these questions?

Highly unlikely...