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We're bringing to a wider public the traditions of South London. Everyone does this down Peckham.


— Tommy



Characters are an important part of the rapper tradition and the Tommy and Betty are integral to any Thrales performance. They interact and engage with an audience, and turn a dance into a piece of street theatre. 


The Tommy acts as an MC and carries a spare sword, just in case, while Betty is an agent of chaos and a lord of misrule.​

Thrales have developed several characters over the years. Perhaps the most infamous (and best loved) of these is Grandma Thrale, a cockney fishwife who leads the performance of our Beadnell fishermen’s dance. 

Our main Tommy character is fluent in classical verse and political philosophy, and is London’s most famous kilt-wearing vegan. Nurse Betty is our anarchic healthcare operative; the fitting of wipe-clean surfaces throughout has undoubtedly enhanced her performance in all theatres.

Visit Rapper Online for more information on the use and history of characters in rapper.

Tommy & Betty
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